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You are here:  home | synonyme is perfectly adapted to business in the modern world. Based in Madrid for the last fifteen years, it currently offers services in translation and conference interpreting, multilingual content creation and the development of e-learning platforms to clients in 5 continents. By making the most of new Information Technology and employing processes adapted to internationalisation and flexibility we offer:


Specialised translation in over 80 languages across various sectors, with the quality that comes from 15 years on the international stage. All within the shortest time frame possible (up to 4000 words per language in 24 hours): translations on demand.


These three classic pillars of our business have been re-defined and re-designed for the corporate client and new means of communication, enabling the creation of an innovative, tailored service.

Genius ConfCall: Simultaneous interpreting by teleconferencing in various languages.
Content generation: In different languages for your publication or website, making sure you get the best SEO positioning of your message in each language.
SEO / SEM projects: To ensure the best positioning of your message on the net in each language.
Development and Localisation: Of e-learning platforms and internal communication in different languages.


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