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Genius ConfCall


It is now possible to reduce costs and carbon emissions by setting up a conference call in multiple languages with simultaneous interpreting. This saves time and travel while guaranteeing the accuracy of the message in the languages you require.

The Genius ConfCall service only requires a telephone line and offers all of the guarantees of our conference interpreting service but without the need for you or your staff to travel. Cut costs without risking the quality of the message.

We conduct virtual meetings with people in any part of the world. Sharing information and dialogue has never been so easy, nor so economical.

This service is ideal for:

     Bilingual presentations with or without question and answer sessions
    Bilateral meetings
    Negotiations with partners/foreign counterparts
    Business presentations
    Project coordination
     Training courses
    Audio or video-conferencing

What are the many advantages of this system?

    We help companies increase their productivity and cut their costs on travel, technical facilities, etc. This saves time as well as money...
There is no need to spend money installing equipment or investing in technical material.
We offer a professional service, provided by qualified conference interpreters.
Tele-interpreting enables you to talk with complete security to clients, employees, suppliers, investors or to anyone else involved with your business.

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