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Multilingual communication, e-learning and web video platforms


The same message in 80 languages via one audiovisual medium. The possibilities offered by e-learning in a corporate environment make this tool the only way to convey a consistent message in real time to all members of an organisation. Moreover, our platforms integrate with your intranet to maintain IT security.


New technologies and increased personal mobility have had a huge impact on multinational companies. In this multilingual and multicultural context, Synonyme offers a solution that meets the changing needs of these companies.

We are currently developing Multilingual Internal Communication Platforms that enable our clients to share knowledge with any employee instantly, independently of the user's location and native language (our e-learning platforms cover up to 80 languages). We provide full service: From technical development, content creation, translations into the required languages, in-context validation of the final product and delivery of the product ready for publishing. offers "turnkey" personalised multimedia projects in the required languages. These projects speed up the assimilation of the message by the user. They also transmit corporate values, product information and the communication of news and other key information in a uniform and dynamic way, tailored to the needs of each client.


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