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Quality is central to everything we do at In a poorly translated text terms do not match context, the language becomes laboured and imprecise and the original message is diluted. The client's image is skewed and suffers as a result. This happens because contexts vary and because ideas are expressed differently across different languages and business cultures.

That's why we work with partners in each destination country, coordinated by an in-house team of project managers who are responsible for monitoring every job in their respective language pair: you will deal directly with an individual project manager.

To deliver well-structured, accurate translations, as well as meet our delivery deadlines, we apply a series of stringent quality control measures throughout the life of every project. These measures include:

  • Double quality and production control on each project.
  • Understanding the aim of the document, the nature of its audience and the communication channels through which it will be employed.
  • Using the client's style and terminology preferences at all times.
  • Working with specialist native-speaking translators of proven experience.
  • Incorporating any style guides and custom glossaries our clients may have.
  • Using an updated translation memory for each client, allowing us to maintain consistency and standardisation of terminology.
  • Proofreading and editing each translation independently, using our team of in-house translators and our quality control department.
  • Using IT tools in the quality control process.


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